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About Market IQ principal Lyle Jenish

Lyle Jenish is president and owner of Victoria, Canada-based Market IQ, a Canadian firm specializing in Internet marketing, data analysis, search engine optimization, copy writing and offering publishing and creative services.

Lyle works with and advises numerous companies on Internet marketing, sales and promotional strategies that generate traffic and sales leads. Through careful copy writing, innovative creative services, proven Internet marketing strategies, precise data analysis and careful data collection, Market IQ’s clients build sales leads databases which are then quantified and qualified. Market IQ then provides strategies on marketing back to these valuable resources, converting leads into customers.

Market IQ has a diverse North American client base, including life and critical insurance companies and agents, travel companies, educational institutions, immigration businesses, real estate firms and individual realtors, franchise corporations, business consultants and book publishers.

Prior to launching his Internet marketing and creative firm, for over 15 years Lyle worked in print media and broadcast television, as a reporter, feature writer, managing newspaper editor and news assignment editor. Lyle worked for a number of media outlets, including The Globe and Mail, Report on Business magazine, National Post, Black Press Ltd., Canwest Media Inc. and a number of British business magazines. As a feature writer with The Globe and Mail's Report on Business magazine, Lyle was a National Magazine Awards finalist in the investigative journalism category.


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