Which of your landing pages are effectively converting visitors into customers?

Market IQ Analytics will show you who is purchasing to your business’s services, inquiring about your company’s products and how to to capture their attention and dollars.

  • Do you know where your future customers live?
  • Do you know how visitors navigate through your website?
  • Which pages on your website are costing you sales?
  • Is your website’s architecture the reason why visitors are not purchasing your goods and services?
  • Do you know which geographic region is producing the most sales leads for your company?
  • How are new visitors finding your company’s website?

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Analytics will tell you

Analytics is the process of tracking, evaluating and quantifying the behavior of visitors to a website. A crucial compoenent of e-commerce and all web-based commerce, promotions and marketing, Market IQ Analytics will show you, the business owner, which landing pages are effective in converting visitors into customers who subscribe to your business’s services or purchase your company’s products.

Analytics is all about ROI

Properly defined and installed, Market IQ Analytics will monitor and analyze how well your website is meeting its goals. Find out which pages are cobverting and which pages are bouncing visitors. Before you spend a dime rebuilding or optomizing your website, speak to Market IQ.

Analytics will help you understand your current customers and potential customers

{jb_bluebox}Driving traffic to your company’s website is but the first step to a profitable website.
You must also be able to collect visitor data, make sense of that data and then understand how to use that data to convert traffic into paying customers.{/jb_bluebox}

Traffic insight & strategies

Market IQ Analytics will provide valuable insight, to help you better understand your website, its traffic and its conversion patterns. Using this information, you will be able to improve your website’s effectiveness and profitability.

No abstract reports - Market IQ provides data you can use and actionable analysis

Market IQ Analytics examines critical Internet marketing data and then makes sense of it all. Instead of static reports, Market IQ Analytics delivers data and useful interpretation of that data. Clients receive actionable analysis that can be used immediately.