Protect your good name online.

  • Are your company’s good name and online reputation being defamed on the Internet?
  • Do you know if your company’s good name and online reputation are being defamed on the Internet?
  • Are competitors or malcontents sabotaging your company’s products and services in Internet forums, electronic bulletin boards, and websites?
  • Do you know if your brand, products, and services are being sabotaged?
  • Are you monitoring and protecting your company’s brand, product, and service reputation?
  • Are you losing customers because of false or misleading information about your company being posted on the Internet?

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Reputation Management: protect your reputation, protect your business

Good and honorable businesses are being defamed, day after day, across the Internet. Consumer forums, public bulletin board systems, blogs, websites have all become venues for defamation. However, determining whether your company is subject to an ongoing campaign of misinformation, rumor and allegation have been difficult.

Until Now!

Business Reputation Monitoring: Aggressive, ongoing reputation monitoring, reputation protection, and reputation management

The power of the Internet is remarkable. The world is now one big marketplace, and potential customers are sitting in front of any Internet-connected computer.

To convert these visitors to paying customers, your company’s good name and good reputation must be intact. If, for example, a potential client discovers misinformation, rumor, and innuendo attacking your company, product, or services, they will go to your competitor.

The potential customer does not know the damaging information is pure fabrication.
Working with Market IQ, only you can maintain your company’s good name through Reputation Management, Business Reputation Monitoring, and Reputation Protection.

Online Reputation Management: Your company’s tarnished reputation can be restored

Over 85 per cent of Internet users use the major search engines each time they go online. Critical reports and negative search results – whether they are your fault or not – can cause your reputation great harm if potential customers see these reports displayed in Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or other search engine results.

With Victoria BC-based Market IQ’s Online Reputation Management services, you are provided a range of response and reputation restoration strategies that have proven to be extremely effective. Online Reputation Protection strategies range from successfully applying for the de-indexing and banning of websites from the major search engines to responding directly to the malicious parties responsible for posting negative information. [blockquote]The 17th Century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, writing on the state of nature: “… continually feared, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.” And so is the Internet. Short of all Internet users submitting to an absolute regulatory authority, it is up to you to protect your company, your online reputation.[/blockquote]

Online Reputation Protection

Market IQ aggressively monitors your company’s brand, products, and services 24/7. If damaging information is discovered, Market IQ’s online reputation monitoring and online reputation protection will work on your behalf to restore your good reputation.