PPC Performance Audit

'Are you a victim of set and forget?'

'Pay per click management is an intensive, on-going process. If your PPC manager is not updating, optimizing and communicating with you on a regular basis, you should be asking tough questions.'

'PPC Performance Audit'

'If you are a current PPC advertiser and/or you currently have a PPC company managing your account, contact Market IQ for PPC Performance Audit:'

  • 'Are you paying too much in pay per click management fees?'
  • 'Is the company or individual managing your PPC account qualified?'
  • 'Are your campaigns poorly structured and sloppily executed?'
  • 'Are you wasting excellent optimization opportunities?'
  • 'Has your PPC manager properly structured your website to make the most of your PPC spend?'
  • 'Does your PPC manager ‘set and forget' accounts?'

'Market IQ's PPC Performance Audit will tell you if your Pay Per Click Advertising account is being properly managed.

Contact Market IQ and book a PPC Performance Audit.

'Best PPC practices lead to great PPC results'

  • ' Interview you to develop a concise PPC Management product and service profile'
  • ' Competitive analysis to seize the high ground and high rankings from your competitors'
  • ' Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly PPC advertising campaign budgeting management'
  • ' Aggressive PPC advertising keyword and phrase bidding'
  • ' PPC advertising campaign set-up, code generation'
  • ' Pay per click advertising campaign launch'
  • ' Ongoing PPC campaign optimization'
  • ' Ongoing pay per click campaign management and reporting'

'Page one guaranteed'

'When customers perform a Google search using your specific, registered keywords or phrases, Market IQ will ensure that your company's advertisement appears in the sponsored links area on the search results page. You incur a cost only when the ad is 'clicked' and a customer arrives at your website. The cost is predetermined and set by Market IQ. You pay nothing for impressions your ad appears on the results page and is viewed by customers.'

'Best ROI with Market IQ PPC Management'

'Market IQ will ensure your pay per click advertisement headings and call to action descriptions are optimized. If your website is not properly structured you will not enjoy the additional benefits of the click-throughs to your landing page. Market IQ PPC Management ensures that each ad is drawing the best possible visitors and that the amount spent per ad is not too high. Market IQ understands the mechanics of pay per click advertising, the call to action statements and the bidding strategies. Market IQ offers expert campaign management for great results.'

'Market IQ's PPC Performance Audit will tell you if your Pay Per Click Advertising account is being properly managed.

Contact Market IQ and book a PPC Performance Audit.

'Your competitors are using pay per click advertising services'

'Market IQ PPC Management will help you bury the competition'

'Contact Market IQ today and arrange a PPC Management Review.'

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