Victoria businesses involved in the business-to-business, search marketing sphere should look out for a new retail channel being rolled out by Google this spring. Google is entering the B2B shopping sector with Google Shopping for Suppliers.

The Google Shopping for Suppliers beta was launched in mid-January in the U.S. and is currently open to the electronics industries.

The beta can be tested here

Google Shopping for Suppliers was built to accommodate the unique aspects of B2B selling. These include utilities to allow negotiations on shipping costs and volume discounts. As well, Google Shopping policies on pricing and payments, shipping, taxes and returns and refunds have been modified.

According to reports, North American businesses will pay a one-time verification fee of $1,000 and will receive Google Verified Supplier certification. This will mean a badge on company listings and having products moved ahead of unverified suppliers.

For Victoria companies selling to other business online, Google Shopping for Suppliers should be a key consideration in future web development and web marketing strategies. While Google is already a primary search source for buyers and sellers in the B2B sector, the ability to refine those verticals and relationships in a B2Bdedicated space can really streamline the purchase and fulfillment process as the understandings and expectations between parties is refined.