Google's has launched its new Find My Face technology. It will suggest nametags for photos' subjects in Google+.

It operates pretty much the same as Facebook's facial recognition technology, Photo Tag Suggest. Find My Face scans users' and their friends' photos for recognizable faces, and suggests nametags for the faces by matching them with users' profile photos and other tagged photos on the social network.

However, Google's Find My Face technology has been built with some key differences that the search giant believes will help better ensure users' privacy.

For instance, unlike Facebook, Google prompts users to opt into the service before it starts automatically suggesting to their friends that they be tagged in photos. Only after a Google+ user opts into Find My Face will Google construct a face model of that person, using his or her profile photo and existing manually tagged photos on the site.

Google also requires the subject of a suggested tag to approve it before it goes public if the tagger isn't in the tagee's "circles." Facebook allows all tags to go live before notifying the subject.