The web has gone mobile, is your Victoria business website mobile ready?

Recent web development trends are being driven by new technologies like  Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). However, responsive web design, a relatively old technology, remains front and center and, in many instances, is still ignored to the peril of many Victoria business owners.

The fact is, is responsive web site - once a good-to-have feature - is now a must-to-have feature.

The overwhelming majority of Victoria users are using mobile devices to access the web. A Victoria business website unable to resize to users' smaller mobile viewport are often illegible and useless to potential customers and clients.

In addition, Google is expected to introduce mobile-first indexing. That means a Victoria website’s ranking will depend on how well it’s optimized for mobiles.

There are a number of tools to determine whether your Victoria website is mobile ready - try this Google tool