Depressed? It may be due to your use of social media and in particular, Facebook. Scientists at Humboldt University in Berlin and Darmstadt's Technical University recently reported that many Facebook users develop a sense of inferiority, becoming envious of the their family, friends' and associates' trips, family and exploits.

According to the study released January 2013, 36.9% of people who participated came away with negative feelings while 30% of respondents said they felt envious of their friends after visiting Facebook.

Meanwhile, almost 20% of respondents felt their postings and updates were being ignored, reporting feelings of isolation and loneliness.

The report's findings were depressing, concluding that envy feelings can cause significant damage to users' well-being and impact their life satisfaction.

This is bad news for social media marketers, Facebook advertisers and paid search.

If the trends indicated within this report continue, more people will start turning away from Facebook and other social media sites and applications.