Victoria web development trends change every single year. For Victoria business owners and decision-makers, it's vital to be familiar with changes to remain relevant and competitive.

The first development trend we will focus on in this multi-part series of articles are Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

A PWA is mobile web page that acts and feels like a regular, native app.

Like apps most users are already familiar with, a PWA can be accessed via the home screen of a smartphone and share many of the same functionalities of native apps, providing a nearly identical user experience.

However, PWA pushes the world wide web forward making website browsing experience closer to native mobile applications and, therefore, more friendly to users. Ultimately, a PWA is a website which offers functionality traditionally available to native apps (e.g. push notifications, offline access, hardware access).

Some of the more popular PWAs currently include Starbucks,, Flipboard, Alibaba and Forbes.

The motivation behind developing PWAs is the fact mobile views dominate other devices such as desktops or tablets and there is a big gap between using mobile apps and mobile browsers as applications account for more than 80% of the overall time users spend with their gadgets.

Users want fast, easily accessed tools on their mobile devices and PWAs server this purpose.